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Known as the “Diamond Capital of the World,” over 80% of the world’s rough cut diamonds are traded in Antwerp, Belgium. Since the 16th Century, skilled cutters have worked within the Antwerp Diamond District, expertly crafting rough stones into a dazzling array of shapes and sizes. Amidst the cobbled streets of Antwerp, this unique diamond market allows buyers an infinite number of choices and an unmatched pairing of quality and value when it comes to finding the perfect stone.

Traveling to Antwerp every year, Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers acts as your direct diamond buyer. Carefully examining countless parcels of diamonds, we are able to find the ideal combination of cut, clarity, carat and color. Additionally, by fostering relationships with diamond cutters, we are able to deliver our clients a beautiful stone without the added costs of brokers and middle-men. We do the background work in an effort to pair the best quality and value for all of our customers, regardless of their budget.

Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers looks forward to returning from Antwerp, year after year, with an exquisite selection of brilliant diamonds that satisfy even the most discerning customer’s needs. Are you shopping for something specific? We offer the service of hand-selecting stones during our buying trips that are tailored to your exact criteria and price point. You can think of us as your personal diamond shopper!